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Zulvera Zulvera Herbal Hair Shampoo

Hey guys! Life is strange and stranger are its ways. I was a very popular guy in college. I mean popular amongst girls ;O) That apart, I always had thin hair. And since my dad and elder brother are bald, I was all prepared to follow the family tradition of being bald some day, but what I was not prepared for was the attitude and reaction of people. By the time I started working (27), I had a pretty big bald patch. That’s when I slowly felt a change in the way people reacted to me. My girlfriends started passing snide remarks. I use to laugh it off since I didn’t care initially. But then I realised that I was never in the popular gang because people were too embarrassed to hang out with me. After all, no girl wants to be seen with a balding guy. I would never feature in the list of handsome people. Most of my friends would refer to me as the "Bald Guy". I got soooo sick n tired of this kinda reaction and it just got to me after a while.

This is when I took it as a challenge and surfed the Internet to find some solution, internet is one place where I believe all solutions lie. Through a lot of googling I finally short listed 2 products from over 50 Hair Loss products. These 2 products were Zulvera and Propecia. I then limited my research to these 2 products. Read a lot of reviews / literature, went thro a lot of facts n figures and read testimonials of people who had actually tried these products. After almost a week of research i finally decided to buy Zulvera. The reasons why i decided to try Zulvera is because Zulvera has no side effects whereas users of Propecia tho a satisfied lot did experience many side effects. Zulvera was also quite inexpensive compared to Propecia and all i had
to do was replace my existing shampoo with a bottle of Zulvera. I could order it over the net and it would be delivered to me in a matter fifteen days from India. I was excited. I ordered it since I had nothing to lose.
I though that if it worked- I w ould benefit, if not i would just use it like an everyday shampoo and never reorder again.

Results: (after 5 months of continuous usage)

Dudeee, it worked and how! Upon using it for only five months, I realised that not just my hair but also my popularity was back. My hair loss stopped completely and the thinning areas slowly filled back in (the bald spot is hardly noticable now). Even my barber keeps commenting on how much thicker my hair is. Zulvera seriously has proved to be a boon for me. The results have been quite dramatic and I recommend this product to anyone with hair loss.